Monday, February 27, 2012

Mackenzie's 8th Birthday Tiny Chef's Party

Before the party....daddy helped with the icing!

Group Shot of our Tiny Chef's!

Brother trying to give Kenz some LOVE!

Let the decorating begin!

Kenz and her cake creation!

Kendall and her cake.


lololol that was her doubt!

the adults that come just to eat my mom's food...this year it was mostly my fam.

Opening presents!

The final cake display!

Made the cake stands from thrift store candle sticks and white plates and then spray painted white.

The Valentine's we gave out this year!

Kenzie's bday invite for her cooking/baking party!

Kendall took a picture on KenzCam

and then vise versa

then she took a self portrait!

Today my first born turned 8 years old today!! My how she has grown into a beautiful, proper, young lady! I love her so much!
Happy Birthday Mackenzie!

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